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Upcoming Service Changes for 2022

Jan 21, 2022
Every year we sit back and analyze what has happened during the past year in our office. We take a look at several things: clients, growth, employees, equipment, services, and quality of life. We highly suggest that everyone take time to reflect on things that have happened in their lives and to make changes where changes are needed.
One of the things that we examine is how our office has handled the previous busy season, what problems we encountered and what decisions we need to make to solve them. During the year we hope that you have not encountered problems with our office, however, we also hope that if you have, you have called them to our attention.
After closely examining the hours we worked, money we invested in people and equipment, time spent on training, and the time required to prepare tax returns, we found a problem. The last several tax seasons have seen over 10 Congressional tax acts which have caused us to invest thousands per team member, per year for the cost of seminars, not counting the cost of being away from the office. After looking at all of these factors, we determined that we were not billing enough to compensate for our investments of time, money, and people, requiring more time to process the returns accurately and completely. We realized that this had been a growing issue for several years that we have failed to address. Although it is a difficult decision to make, we have determined that we must raise our fees, both for our own quality of life and in order to more personally and professionally serve those clients who remain.
Based on our analysis, we have decided, without exception, to raise every client’s fee and to base your tax return fee on a per form pricing structure (click here to see fee schedule) for the preparation of their 1040 tax return this coming year. We understand that this increase may cause a burden for some of you, but we feel that the increase must be made, and we will apply the increase across the board to all clients. For those of you who wish to consult with other tax professionals as a result of this increase, we will be happy to assist your transition with a simple records release form.
I wanted to inform you of this change, in advance, so that you will not be surprised next year. We have always valued your business and will continue to value it in the future. The best way that I know of to retain your trust and confidence is to inform you in advance of these and any other changes.
Please feel free to call us at any time to discuss this or any other problem you may have. Thanks again for your past support, and thanks in advance for your future support.

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