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If you're a business owner or a team member, you are joining a group of people dedicated to making the success of small businesses easier.


We take pride in making sure questions get answers so everyone can get back to what's important.


Development and support is the cornerstone of our business, empowering both business owners and staff.


Everything falls apart without honesty and caring. Having the character to do what is right, even when it's difficult.

Joshua Standley, EA, ABA

Accountant and Enrolled Agent

Josh believes small businesses care about what they do and need the resources to keep their passion alive. He decided to dedicate his career to making small business better by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed. Having earned his degree in Accounting he is an Enrolled Agent and Accredited Business Accountant/Advisor. He is also a Registered Tax Planner, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and appointed to Intuit's Accountant Council. When Josh is not in the office you will find him spending time with his family and friends.

ACAT Director (2020 - 2021) / Intuit Accountant Council

Gerald Polson

Accounting Associate

After extensive experience in the construction industry, he decided it was time for a change. Being great with numbers he decided to transition careers and become an associate that brings a wealth of knowledge to contractors knowing the language and problems they have. Gerald has since become a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and is currently working on his Enrolled Agent license. When he's not working you will find him spending time with his loving wife, kids, family, and friends.

Carolyn Palermo, CPA

CAO Consults, PLLC

We have strategically partnered with leaders in accounting software, payroll processing, and other business management functions. Our partnerships enable us to provide our small business clients the latest technologies at affordable prices. Real-time collaboration permits multiple users to work simultaneously. This maximizes the time we spend together solving your business problems. Saving you time. Valuable time to spend growing your business.


Company History

Serving Customers Since 1956

It all started when Dale K. Koglin, CPA, EA, ATA, ATP obtained his first corporate client before he was drafted by the United States Army. After being honorably discharged he returned to his accounting practice and continued to further his education in accounting. Later, he ended up purchasing an income tax business where he learned the complexities of preparing tax returns for farmers. Having been Dale K. Koglin Accounting for many years he partnered with another professional and became D&W Accounting. When his partner passed away the firm name changed back to Dale K. Koglin Accounting. Serving several clients over the many years by himself, and having no luck with employees in the past, he decided to take a chance on a young man and offered him a mentorship. Having forged a bond between them after years of working together he decided to pass the torch and name him as his successor. When Dale passed away in 2015 he had been in business for over 59 years! After his passing the firm name changed once again to DKK Accounting in order to modernize the business while keeping his legacy alive.

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