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Payroll Records

business client accounting manual client onboarding Jul 26, 2021

Records related to the payment of salaries and wages (including all deductions and adjustments from gross pay), records related to reporting hours worked and time sheets, original W-4, W-2 and I-9 forms, employment tax returns and payroll journals should be kept for seven years.

New Employees

Each new employee must fill out a “New Employee Packet” consisting of form W-4, state withholding form, form I-9 and state new hire forms. Call our office at any time to get a packet. Completed packets (except for form I-9) must be returned to us at least three days prior to the employee’s first pay day. If this is your first employee, you will need to contact your insurance agent and obtain worker’s compensation insurance. It is important that the new-hire form be filled in as completely as possible. We can fill in the identification numbers. It is extremely important that the employee fill out the I-9 and that you receive, review and copy the documents as required in section 2. Please keep the I-9 and copies of the documents in your employee file. For a sample of the complete employee packet, see Appendix A-17 through A-20.

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