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Adjusting Your Bank Balance

client accounting manual client onboarding Jul 26, 2021

If you maintain an ending balance, your Bank Reconciliation will include any adjustments you need to make. When you receive your bank reconciliation it is very important you make adjustments correctly. Please review each reconciling item to be sure you have not already recorded it on a subsequent check stub. We will make a reasonable attempt to find differences between your balance and ours. Any immaterial differences will be listed as “unallocated differences.” See Appendix A-4 for a sample bank reconciliation.

If you keep your bank balance on your check stubs, go to your current check stub and make the adjustment there. Do not go back to the prior month to make the adjustments.

If you are using a QuickBooks check register, make the adjustment in the register at your last entry for the current month. Do not go back to the prior month to make the adjustments.

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